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  • Reach Buyers
    Get your products showcased to a large range of customers.
  • Quick Payments
    Receive payments immediately to your stripe accounts, on an order being placed from your shop.
  • Earn Badges
    Once you reach a milestone you get awarded with a badge, which gives you priority and added reliability. COMING SOON
  • Customize Profile
    Customize your profile with information like profile logo, shop location, shipping and refund policies.
  • Add Media
    Embedded videos to make your account more captivating. COMING SOON
  • Stuck? Ask Questions
    If you have questions let us know, we will respond to you as soon as possible.
  • Manage Your Orders
    Manage your orders with tools we provide and help customers to have a better shopping experience.
  • Get Yourself Verified
    Add a verified badge to your profile by providing us with some essential details and documents about your business. COMING SOON
  • Create Your Own Collection
    Add various products and create your own product collection that will be visible to customers.
  • Add Unlimited Products
    Add unlimited products from your inventory.
Really Easy To Setup And Customize Your Vendor Account
  • Create an account
  • Update vendor profile and shop in Vendor Dashboard
  • Connect to stripe to receive payments
  • List your products
You are ready to sell !

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