Seller - FAQs

  1. How do I know if my products are out of stock?

    Pranalink will send you a ‘Low Stock’ notification to your registered email id when your product stock is low and we think it is a good time to refill your stock.

  2. How do I know when an order is placed for my product?

    Pranalink will send you an ‘Order Placed’ notification to your registered email on an order being placed for a product on your shop. You can also view the list of your orders received and their status in your vendor dashboard, in the ‘Orders’ section.

  3. How can I remove my Shop/Account?

    To remove your account/shop on Pranalink, please e-mail us at [email protected] We will evaluate the status of your orders and payments and initiate procedures to remove your Pranalink account.

  4. How do I pay my Shop fees?

    You need not pay any shop fees or listing fees for your first 100 listings. Pranalink offers you a free listing, up to your 100th product listing.

    The Pranalink application fees, as well as the payment gateway charges for the sales on your shop, will be automatically deducted by Stripe before the amount for sales is credited to your bank account through Stripe.

  5. How do I edit my profile?

    You can edit your shop and profile information in your vendor dashboard

    1. Go to vendor dashboard
    2. Click on the ‘Settings’ option from the menu bar on left
    3. Click on Profile Settings
    4. Edit the required fields
    5. Click on ‘Save Profile’ button.
  6. What are the general terms and conditions to Sell on Pranalink?

    Refer our Vendor Terms of Service to understand the terms and conditions to Sell on Pranalink.

  7. What is Stripe?

    Stripe is the payment gateway integrated to Pranalink online marketplace. To sell on Pranalink and receive payments, every vendor must have a Stripe account connected to their Pranalink vendor account.

    To know more about how to connect to Stripe – Watch our video user guide in the Help section on how to connect to Stripe.

  8. How can I initiate a refund?

    Click to view our video user guide on how to initiate a refund to you customer

    To initiate a refund:

    1. Go to vendor dashboard
    2. Go to 'Orders' from the menu bar on left
    3. Under the 'view' column click on the 'order' option corresponding to the specific order you want to update.
    4. Click on 'Credit memo' on the top right of the screen.
    5. A credit memo will be created for the order to initiate the refund.
    6. You can edit the information in the credit memo as required. If you want the item returned to add up to your existing stock of the product, check the checkbox below 'Return to stock' option in the 'Items to Refund' panel.
    7. Scroll down to the bottom of the Credit Memo window, to find the Refund option
    8. Click on the 'Refund' option to initiate a refund. On clicking refund, the amount received on the order will be automatically deducted from your Stripe account and refunded to the buyer.
    9. You will be brought back to the Manage Order page
    10. On a refund being successfully processed through your Stripe account, you can find the order status as 'Refunded'.

    You can also process refunds by logging into your Stripe account.

    1. Login to your Stripe account.
    2. You can view the list of payments you have received by clicking on the ‘Payments’ option on the left of your Stripe Dashboard.
    3. You can view the order number as well as the customer name in the description column for each payment. Click on the corresponding payment to the detailed page.
    4. Click on the ‘Refund’ button on the top right of the window.
    5. You can enter the amount to be refunded (wholly/partially).
    6. Check the checkbox for ‘Refund application fee’ if your refund is including the application fee charged for the order.
    7. Choose the reason for the refund and add the details if you prefer.
    8. Click on the ‘Refund’ option to proceed.
    9. This being a refund initiated through Stripe, the order status will not be updated on your Pranalink account. You can log in to your Pranalink account, go to your vendor dashboard and click on ‘Refund offline’ option from the corresponding ‘Manage your order’ page to update the order status as refunded.
  9. How do I list multiple products in my shop?

    To list a product:

    1. Go to your vendor dashboard
    2. Click on products option from the menu bar on left
    3. Click on add product. Add new product window will appear.
    4. Click on save option on top right to save the product and repeat the steps to list more products.
    5. To duplicate the same details for another product, you can click on Save & Duplicate option on the top right.

    You can find your list of products added in the ‘My products list’ in your vendor dashboard.

    Please watch our ‘How to list a product’ video user guide in the Help section for a demonstration.

  10. Can I have multiple shops on Pranalink?

    You can only create and sell on one shop using a single Pranalink account.

  11. Where can I find the application fees charged for an order?

    You can find all details of an order received on your shop, under the ‘Orders’ section on your vendor dashboard.  On clicking ‘Orders’ option under the vendor dashboard, you can see your order history. Click on the ‘order’ option under view column to view details of the corresponding order.

    In the manage order page, you can find the admin commission charged for the selected order, which is the application fees charged by Pranalink. You can also view the shipping and handling charges as well as the tax collected for the order in the manage order window.

  12. How to re-stock my products?

    To re-stock your products or update the current stock of products:

    1. Go to Vendor dashboard
    2. Click on Products option from the menu bar on the left
    3. Click on ‘My Products List’.
    4. You can find the product you wish to restock using the ‘Filter’ option on top right of the window.
    5. Click on the edit option under the action column, corresponding to the product you wish to edit. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm.
    6. Enter the appropriate stock quantity in the ‘Stock’ field and change the stock availability field to ‘In Stock’ if you are updating an out of stock item.
    7. Click on update option on top to update your product stock quantity.
  13. What are the fees and payments to Sell on Pranalink?


    Pranalink offers free listing of products up to first 100 listings. The listing will be chargeable at $0.20 per listing after 100 listings on our website.


    3.5% Transaction Fee


    2.9% + 30¢ Payment processing fee*


    Pranalink charges a small percentage of 3.5% as transaction fee per transaction, applied on the basic product price before shipping and other charges.

    The payment gateway (Stripe) charges of 2.9% + 30¢ is applicable on every transaction through Pranalink on the total transaction amount including shipping and taxes.

    *Stripe charges an additional 1% for international cards, i.e.; applicable payment processing fee will be 3.9% + 30¢ for international transactions.


    The transaction fee and payment gateway charges will be deducted automatically before the sales amount is credited to your account. The net amount after the fees is credited by Stripe to your bank account registered with Stripe account.